August 13, 1898, Manila, Philippine Islands On April 6, 1898, Congress declared war on Spain and President William McKinley organized United States forces for the "Splended Little War." Of the tens of thousands of regular, volunteer and National Guard (Militia) troops who served, 343 Utah Guardsmen saw service in the Philippine Islands. On May 1st, after the Navy's stunning victory at Manila Bay, McKinley authorized an invasion force to capture the Philippine archipelago from Spain. Organized into two batteries, the Utah "Light" Artillery mustered into federal service on May 9, 1898 at Fort Douglas, Utah. Shortly thereafter, at Camp Merritt near San Francisco, the Utah Artillery became part of Brigadier General Francis V. Greene's brigade of the U.S. VIII Corps under the command of Major General Wesley Merritt. Leaving San Francisco, Greene's brigade first raised the U.S. flag in Guam and then arrived on the island of Luzon on July 17, 1898. In the Philippines, 15,000 Americans not only faced 13,000 Spanish soldiers but a second army of some 12,000 Philippine rebels under Emilo Aguinaldo. The rebels had been fighting for national independence from Spain and hoping for American assistance. When Merritt ordered to keep the rebels out of the fight against Spain, the rebels became a second possible enemy. On August 13th, the Utah Artillery supported Greene's brigade as it attacked towards the "old" city of Manila. The battle was predetermined to be a "limited" one in order to preserve Spanish honor and minimize casualties. The rebels, however, made this impossible. As American forces moved quickly against the Spanish defenses, a race to the old city center developed between the Americans and Aguinaldo's rebels. The Utah batteries fired and re-deployed several times providing close and accurate support for the infantry attacks. The Utah Light Artillery continued in federal service for another year and fought in the Philippine Insurrection until

Après la news concernant Vae Victis, voici qu’Olivier Revenu nous annonce la sortie du prochain Battles Magazine (le n°11) en mai 2016 !

Les lecteurs réguliers du Rombier connaissent mon attachement à ce titre, d’une parution quelque peu erratique mais d’une qualité exceptionnelle. Enfin selon moi ! 😉

Le magazine ne se vend plus par abonnement mais exclusivement par pré-commande sur son site web.

Au sommaire, il est prévu:

  • Reviews: •Wing Leader • D-Day at Peleliu • The US Civil War • Kawaguchi’s Gamble • Waterloo 1815: Fallen Eagles • Spearpoint 43 • Twin Peaks • The Battles Of The Five Armies • Bloody Hell: Operations Goodwood and Spring • No Retreat: Italy (in double thick font!) • Breaking the Chains • Victory Roads • Storm Over Normandy • Napoleon’s Later Campaigns • And more…
  • The Ideal Game Collection: The Central Front Series (aka the Dr Jekill and Mr. Hyde series )
  • Panorama: Playing Dien Bien Phu since 1977…
  • « Serious Games »: Karl Mueller taks about the RAND’s Baltic Gap. Sebastien de Peyret talks about wargaming with military guys.
  • History: The Philippine « insurrection », by John poniske.
  • And more… Charles Vasey, Philip Sabin, Thierry Michel, Tom Cmajdalka… « The wise men speak because they have something to say »…

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Le jeu en encart concernera les (rares) aventures coloniales des USA:  Amigos and Insurrectos – The Philipine Insurrection – 1899/1902 par John Poniske.